About us, and our long relationship with Southern Europe

CC Holiday Homes was created after many years of holiday stays in southern Europe, and based on a simple principle - that it should be a nice, safe and easy process to find a holiday home in Southern Europe. When you want to buy property abroad, it is important to know who you can seek assistance from and why. Southern Europe offers stunningly beautiful weather, wonderful landscapes and varied scenery, excellent food & wines, world-famous art and culture, and low cost of living. But also an over-complicated real estate market with unknown rules and systems. At CC Holiday Homes, we have for many years been more and more interested in the areas we have visited, and have returned year after year, we have created a solid local network, and we have gathered so much practical information that we have opportunity to advise and assist.

CC Holiday Homes is administered by CC Ejendomme Køge, http://www.cceek.dk, which manages all our properties abroad. Our team of employees has extensive international experience and advises on this basis in connection with the purchase / sale and rental / operation of property in Southern Europe. In addition, we assist throughout the process with the completion of the transaction and any parallel financing.

CC Ejendomme Køge is a private company that deals with company and property administration, brokerage of properties, as well as development projects and implementation of construction cases. We manage more than 70 properties and approx. 200 leases, primarily in business. Our company also has several holiday homes in France and Spain, and also handles the day-to-day administration and operation of the homes.




Carl ”Calle” Christensen is the founder of CC Ejendomme Køge and has worked with properties and development projects since 1980, when he bought the first property as a 21-year-old young man.

Carl Christensen was originally educated in the financial world and has had a long career in the banking environment, including as bank director in Roskilde Bank and Jyske Bank. At the same time, he has always been actively involved in the sports world, partly as a coach, partly as a leader and from several boards, and knows the importance of a good network and volunteer work. CC Ejendomme has in recent years begun a generational change, and Lasse Christensen, son of Carl Christensen, is pr. November 1, 2020 started in a leading role in the company.